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Michael Laws specializes in creative solutions to complex problems, and helps to establish new policies to facilitate better approaches to environmental situations. He participated with the Department of Environmental Quality in establishing the statewide program for Lead Based Paint in Oklahoma. In addition, he has provided years of certification for asbestos and lead contractors in the state of Oklahoma and in many areas outside the United States, including Japan, Italy, Panama, Iceland and Greenland.

He has performed environmental and occupational safety and health compliance and management assessments, permitting and compliance/regulatory plans, program development, multi-level compliance and risk/liability reduction training. Mr. Laws has over twenty-eight years of experience directing total operations and has hundreds of successful projects to his credit including responsibility of large high profile projects dealing with American Airlines, Dupont, Denver Mint, Disney World, Dupont Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico, and removal of environmental hazards from an international Airport while still in total operation, just to name a few.

Mr. Laws has expertise in regulatory compliance and related issues. He teaches several courses and seminars in environmental management, and had also chaired several committees, which produced reference manuals and papers for the environmental/safety business. He was a member of the team who was the first in North America to receive the ISO 9002 certification from England. He has been guest speaker for the Oklahoma Realty Association with representatives from EPA Region VI, Oklahoma Vocational Technical Conferences on more than one occasion, television appearance, and speaker for various environmental & safety conferences.

While working with the Department of Defense, Mr. Laws was responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring industrial environmental/safety programs. He was a member of the first asbestos team in the country for the U.S. Air Force, inspected plant areas and independent contractors to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. He has evaluated new equipment and raw materials for safety, and monitored employee exposure to chemicals and other toxic substances. In addition, he conducted training programs for hazardous waste removal, disposal, and a variety of areas in safety regulations.

Mr. Laws is currently involved with removing various environmental hazards in the private sector with his own company, Mirage International Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, with a minor in business & chemistry from University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. He is active in community affairs in Oklahoma City where he resides with his wife of over forty years. Mr. Laws has a reputation of well founded perspectives on present day environmental problems.





  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology 1975  
  • Minor in Business & Chemistry from University of Central Oklahoma & Oklahoma State University
  • EPA accredited Asbestos Inspector
  • EPA accredited Asbestos Management Planner
  • EPA accredited Asbestos Project Designer
  • EPA accredited Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor



President of Mirage International Inc.



Asbestos Abatement, Asbestos Survey, Lead Base Paint, Mold Remediation, Hazardous Materials, Histoplasmatic Clean Up


Over 28 years experience in abatement activities such as:

  • OSHA General Ind. Std   
  • OSHA Construction Inc. Std.                    
  • OSHA Confined Space                
  • OSHA Electrical Safety                                    
  • OSHA Fall Protection
  • Other State and Federal Regulations


Over 28 years experience in instruction for certifications:

EPA Certification for Other Federal & Region VI, still teaching most of these classes:

  • Asbestos Project Design, Contractor/Supervisor, Inspector, Management Planner,
  • Lead Base Paint Awareness


Six years of experience (Director of Operations for LVI Environmental Services-New York Abatement firm-our office employed over 300 employees at the time) directing operations over hundreds of projects from large profile Projects dealing with AmericanAirlines, Dupont, Denver Mint, Disney World, Dupont Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico, and removal from an international airport while still in total operation, just to name a few.

Member of Environmental Management Compliance Team with the Dept. of Defense at Tinker Air Force Base. Attached to the first asbestos team for analytical & operational evaluation in the Air Force.

Guest speaker for Oklahoma Realty Association with representatives from EPA Region VI (Joint Presentation), Oklahoma Vocational Technical Conferences on more than one occasion.

Participated with Dept. of Environmental Quality in establishing the statewide program for Lead Base Paint in Oklahoma.

Have worked in many states including: Colorado, California, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Connecticut, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean Area.

Extensive experience in asbestos, mold remediation, lead base paint for industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, power plants, refineries, hospitals, commercial buildings, banks, libraries and a variety of companies and situations.

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