12804498 mThe Mirage International Inc. firm is an Oklahoma based company that operates in many areas of the environmental contracting area. We have management and supervision with many years of experience in the environmental field. This experience extends to hundreds of projects completed throughout the country.

Our firm’s interest in the environmental field arose out of the experience of our management’s involvement with literally hundreds of renovation and retrofitting assignments in older buildings, government military bases, and power plants – many of them requiring removal of asbestos, lead, mold, histoplasmatic cleanup, and decontamination of facilities.

Our parallel determination was to build an organization that would serve as a prototype for the industry, utilizing only the safest and most advanced techniques available. We are proud of our reputation for prudent management, scientific procedures and safe projects. In addition, our project delivery system has been translated into first-rate mechanisms for managing major abatement work, adding to the efficiencies of our management team.

Our cost-effectiveness and efficiency, we believe, are reflected in our work for and continuing relationships with a number of prudently managed corporations, property managers and owners. Of course, given the sensitive nature of the environmental areas, Mirage will sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients, which we are pleased to honor strictly.

Our management team has completed assignments in high rise commercial buildings, industrial plants, federal agencies, school systems, museums, residential buildings and hospitals, to cite but a few client categories.

Our management’s projects range broadly in size and in type of facility. Individual projects span the spectrum from removal of asbestos insulation in a single boiler room to demolition and removal of hundreds of square feet from a building’s interiors. Often this work is performed in fully occupied and functioning buildings.

Our team removing lead based paint

We should add here that the scope and quality of the capabilities described here are consistent throughout all of the operations within Mirage International Inc.

The substantial resources of the entire company can be called upon when necessary to supplement any major abatement undertaking. Our close working relationship with our regional office in Oklahoma City, in particular, offers the benefits of a highly experienced staff to augment any operation instantly.

Mirage’s work is by no means restricted to hands-on abatement projects. Our training area is structured to provide advanced training both to our clients’ O&M personnel as well as our own management and supervisory personnel and labor force. We try to find all possible means to substitute technology for manpower in its abatement work.

Mirage International Inc. is positioning its self at the forefront to respond instantly to any abatement needs that develop with good equipment, a workforce of highly trained and certified personnel, and up-to-date knowledge of all rapidly changing regulations and technologies.

Moreover, we are prepared to serve at any juncture of abatement assignments, from site survey through reconstruction and final documentation of a completed job. Clearly, Mirage International is equipped to satisfy your needs with special efficiencies.

At each project site, Mirage International Inc. will provide continuous on-site supervision, monitoring and precisely controlled project management services to assure all schedule and budget goals, with absolute safety and security.

We certainly appreciate this opportunity to describe Mirage International Inc., and to thank you for your interest in our company.


Veteran Owned Company
Member of many Veteran's Organizations
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Over ten years Operations & Maintenance Contract with Tinker AFB - Emergency Response.

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